Sustainment, Logistics, & Life-cycle Support


Teradyne’s Total Support Solution spans the entire ATE life cycle from initial configuration and TPS development through deployment, sustainment, and technology updates.


Total Support Solution combines Teradyne’s long-term product support, unmatched engineering expertise, and deep knowledge in defense logistics to provide support solutions specific to customer’s needs throughout the ATE life cycle, enabling customers from integration labs to factories and MRO shops to achieve optimized test solutions, maximum equipment uptime and minimum life-cycle costs.

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Teradyne Support and Service Offerings Encompass Every Aspect of the ATE System


Product Support


Teradyne offers industry unique零件服务必威合营满足客户的具体可用性要求。在全球范围内的库存和维修中心,我们拥有基础设施来支持几乎各种备件策略。




为客户寻找完整的测试解决方案,Teradyne offers the completeTotal Test Solution其中包括测试设备,TPS,文档和长期支持。



Decades of experience in Defense and Aerospace testing has provided Teradyne with in-depth knowledge of defense logistics and extensive life cycle support capabilities to ensure our customers’ operational success. We provide reliability improvement, program and configuration management as well as obsolescence management and tech update solutions.


eKnowledge betway桌面应用Teradyne的电子知识门户为客户提供详细的技术信息,以支持其Teradyne测试系统,仪器和软件的操作和维护。通过访问自助服务,基于Web的门户,您可以下载当前软件,查找并阅读最新的发行说明和用户手册并向我们经验丰富的团队提交技术问题。
Parts Repair Parts Repair is available through Teradyne’s Global Services Organization. Services can be accessed over the phone, on the web via our online portal or through our Customer Care Center for service issues requiring immediate assistance.
产品支持状态 获取有关Teradyne防御和航空航天产品的信息,betway桌面应用这些产品和/或不再支持。betway必威国际
参考文库 All collateral‒datasheets, brochures, technical articles and white papers‒for Teradyne Defense & Aerospace
Training Teradyne offers a full suite of training classes, seminars and workshops, which are delivered at our corporate headquarters or at your site. Teradyne can also develop customized training seminars addressing topics inherent to your individual test environment. Register online for a class or view our schedule to see which classes are available.