TestStation Pro Software

Teradyne’s TestStation Pro Software, available for all UltraPin-based TestStation systems, provides three powerful graphical user environments for in-circuit program developent, debug, and PCB production testing. The latest TesStation Development Pro 8.0 release is compatible with Windows 10 OS and comes with an enhanced User Interface.

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Teradyne’s Software environment for development of high fault coverage in-circuit test programs comes with these capabilities and features:

  • Offline program development capabilities for Windows-based PCs
  • 程序开发侧栏视觉上显示运营商开发测试程序所需的步骤
  • 内置链接到Teradyne的betway桌面应用Design-to-Build(D2B) software simplifies entry and modification of PCB CAD data
  • Spreadsheet-based database editors for entering and modifying circuit and fixture information
  • Access to libraries of component models and application tools via pull-down menus and toolbars
  • Dedicated work spaces for the major program development tasks – with all options clearly highlighted
  • 综合测试发生器自动编写模拟,数字,混合和边界扫描测试程序
  • Built-in management tools for releasing and archiving in-circuit test projects
  • Ability to quickly import legacy Teradyne228x / teststationtest programs and migrate them to the latest TestStation ICT systems.

betway桌面应用Teradyne的友好software environment for debugging and qualifying in-circuit test programs comes with these capabilities and features:

  • Label Navigator visually displays all the tests in the program and allows operators to jump to any test with a simple mouse click
  • Statement Editor displays all of the parameters associated with selected tests and allows operators to modify test parameters using a mouse or simple keystrokes
  • Guard Editor window visually shows both circuit interconnections and test instrument connections – operators can add or remove guard points simply by clicking on them
  • 图表工具显示测试测量结果ing Histogram or Run charts and automatically calculates measurement test statistics like Mean, Std Deviation, Cp, and Cpk
  • Property Information window displays helpful information about board components, values, and tolerances, as well as tester nets, and nails
  • Customizable Tool Bar provides access to powerful debug tools like board and schematic viewers, data collection charts and test quality tools
  • Untranslator Window supports performing debug activities using the familiar commands and keystrokes of the traditional Runtime debug environment


  • A simplified interface reduces the number of options that production test operators have access to
  • Password protection capabilities allow manufacturers to control what test options can be changed by operators
  • ProductionBatch Assistantutilities automate the process of selecting in-circuit test programs and test options
  • Factory control interface software allows manufacturers to communicate with their shop floor control systems
  • Enforced yield rate option warns users when yield falls below specified targets
  • Quick access to data logging information for generating reports on PCB failure and quality data
  • Smart4metrics.links integrate with customer enterprise data collection systems to monitor test and system measurement trends in real time

TestStation Pro PC Upgrade

Teradyne’s PC Performance Upgrade Package comes with the latest TestStation software and can help you rejuvenate your older TestStation systems.

Benefits of the upgrade package include:

  • 高性能PC controller
  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • LatestTestStation Prosoftware suite
  • LatestBasicSan软件增强功能在多次突发中支持测试设备引脚
  • NewProductionBatch Assistanttools
  • Enhanced links toDesign-to-Build(D2B) software
  • Built-in test program support for PCB变体
  • Factory automation control interface
  • Compatible with Teradyne’s Self-Service Licensing Portal
  • Includes Teradyne Software Support Agreement
TestStation Development Pro

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